Securing Health For The Community At Leamington Spa

An over-demand for health services within the Lillington community in Leamington Spa prompted the development of a new two-storey health centre, which integrates primary care services alongside a range of community health teams.

Project Collaboration

The building of the healthcare facility brought together partners including South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust and their subsidiary company, SWFT Clinical Services, Warwick District Council and Coventry and Warwickshire’s Integrated Care System, with the common goal of providing increased access to vital services for the local population.

Architectural and Construction Details

The architect appointed was The Design Buro and, along with Deeley Construction as main contractor, they have completed a low-carbon facility with environmental features including solar shading, air source heat pumps, and underfloor heating.

Security Requirements

A requirement to meet Secured By Design security standards led to the specification of Integr8 window and door shutters from Charter Global.

The Integr8 shutter is independently tested under the stringent Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175 to security rating 2 (SR2) and is recognised by Secured by Design as a police-preferred specification.

Architect’s Perspective

Architect, James Saunders commented:
“Having used Charter Global on a previous project, we saw it fitting to use the Integr8 Lintel Shutters on a new combined GP and Community Services health care building in Warwickshire.

The Integr8 Lintel Shutters allowed the building to remain secure during out-of-hours without the traditional drum housing on show, which played into the modern aesthetic of the building’s design.

When the shutters are raised, a passer-by would be none the wiser that any shutters are present, however, when dropped, the shutters give a sleek and secure finish.”

Integr8 Lintel Shutter System

The Integr8 lintel shutter system is an ideal solution for new-build projects in many sectors as the unique design is engineered to integrate within the fabric of the structure and the built-in roller shutters sit within the load-bearing lintel of a window or door.

Project Execution

Working closely with the architect and contractor at the earliest stage of the project to get the specification correct is essential.

In this case, the requirement that all the shutters were grouped off a central key switch and had obstacle detection meant that electrical routing had to be considered as the building was taking shape.

The end result is that one switch can swiftly close all the shutters at night.

Community Impact and Future Maintenance

Keeping the building as a welcoming facility for the community was important, so using Integr8 shutters from Charter Global that didn’t impact negatively on the design of the building and the feeling of openness, while at the same time providing a high level of security out-of-hours, gave the perfect solution.

Now that the project is complete, SWFT Clinical Services have also signed up to the TotalCare maintenance service from Charter Global, ensuring the continued long life of the shutters for many years to come.


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