School Security Case Studies

Schools are an integral part of life. By definition, they should be a safe haven where children’s learning is not compromised through interruptions. School building security is an important priority that concerns local governments, teachers, parents and ultimately children.

Sadly, schools are appealing targets to opportunist criminals, as they house expensive computers, which often contain sensitive, confidential data. Ensuring thorough school security design gives peace of mind that both people and possessions are safe at all times.

At Charter Global, we’ve worked on numerous projects with clients concerned with protecting against security threats in schools.

St Joseph’s Primary School

The new school development for St Josephs Primary School had to have a fresh and vibrant appeal to the building – to attract both the children who attend the school and their parents. With the previous school partly destroyed in an arson attack, it was important to ensure an effective measure of security was included in the design. .

The Integr8 range of security shutters enabled both the security requirement and the design of the property to go hand in hand, as the system is completely concealed from view when in the raised position and did not alter the design intent of the project.

The shutters are electrically operated via a handheld remote control unit, allowing complete flexibility of control to the school; classrooms can be operated individually, enabling blackout for certain rooms when required, and all shutters can be opened together when opening/closing the school.

The remote control system also allows the school to change any operation at a later date with little or no impact to other services; for example, should the school wish to operate a window individually for solar control.

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Notre Dame School Sheffield

Notre Dame School, Sheffield, recently updated their facilities to include a state of the art IT suite. Although a major asset to the school, it also brought along security concerns. It was decided that a unique version of the Integr8 range of shutters was to be installed – the only vertically rising shutters available in the UK.

The lintel was discreetly hidden beneath a decked walkway, and when open, the shutters were totally concealed.

The mint green shutters exactly matched the building’s painted facade and complemented its timber stricture. Notre Dame is an active participant in the ‘Generation Green’ scheme, to bring schools and families together to create a greener future, so environmental sustainability was high on the agenda.

Charter Global’s aluminium shutters, manufactured in the UK, were in line with the low-carbon objectives of the project.

Newark Primary School

Newark Primary School, Scotland, approached Charter Global with the issue of school security design. The school enjoys a prominent position in the local landscape and wanted the security shutters to contrast the surroundings.

Vibrant red and green shutters were chosen for this particular project and were such a success that the Scottish Government is now using this £10m new build project as an example of best practice for other councils to follow in regards to school building security.

The leading architect on the project went as far to say:

“The school’s design has been warmly welcomed both by those that use it and the wider community as it establishes a strong presence in the area.”

St. Andrews Primary School

St. Andrews Primary School had an extension that required protection from the influx of anti-social behaviour that the area was experiencing. The brief was to create a lively and welcoming appearance that would fit in with the character of the primary school, whilst mitigating the risk of break-ins and vandalism.

Different school security measures were assessed and it was decided that secure roller shutters would be the best solution in this instance.

Bolt-on style shutters had been used previously on the original building – the visible hood boxes and guides had given scope for vandalism and these shutters were no longer suitable due to damage over the years – and the client was anxious not to have a repeat performance with the extension.

The Integr8 Structural Built-In Shutter was chosen to provide the necessary glazing protection and school building security. The combined shutter guide and insulated cavity closer secure the shutter curtain inside the wall cavity. The security shutter is housed inside the Integr8 lintel, creating a very secure and neat solution, which matched the brief from the client.

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The shutters can be finished in a wide range polyester powder coat RAL colours. The bright red RAL3020 created the upbeat and lively façade that the client was looking for.

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