Securing Property

Securing property against invasion is vital for several reasons;

Firstly, for peace of mind; very few will invest heavily into a residence or commercial space that cannot protect their privacy and their lives. Secondly, for the protection of valuable goods. Encompassing everything from goods with sentimental value such as personal belongings, to valuable stock including luxurious handbags right the way through to data (including private financial data and other data of critical importance). Lastly, the threat of irreparable damage to property is cause for great concern for properties of cultural or historic value.

Only by acknowledging these three distinctions (not to mention the repercussions) can one begin their approach to securing property. Most applications will essentially be focused on protecting either the people within, the goods stored on site or non-physical assets including data, and it is only in rare cases that securing property will be concerned with all three distinctions. Applications within every sectors will face a wide spectrum of risks. On a day-to-day security basis, the majority of these will be criminal, such as Bodily Force and Power Tools, rather than terror attack such as Ballistics.

Theft within the UK has ebbed and flowed in parallel with the well-being of the economy. As tools used in attacks become more sophisticated and dangerous, criminal activity has increased as the risk to the criminal has shifted.

When approaching the security of any property, the potential of mass loss of life due to terrorist attack must not be disregarded. Whilst this may be a challenging task for any Security Professional or consultant, Charter Global offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to the differentiating risk profiles – providing solutions to applications facing risks of all levels of severity.

What application are you securing?

Ultra high-risk buildings

Obexion is Charter Global’s premium association dedicated to the protection of properties with high-risk profile. Applications within Sectors such as Financial Institutions and Retail outlets must protect their property from intruders are repercussion can more damaging than the theft itself.

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Luxury residential homes

Equilux, a dedicated Charter Global’s service dedicated to the continued protection of residential properties of the Ultra High Net Worth Indiviudals (UHNWI), is the most prestigious brand providing unique solutions to luxurious properties both within the UK and beyond its borders.

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integr8 shutters

Specialist low-risk premises

Integr8 Shutters is Charter Global’s specialised provider of specified security shutters. Dedicated to the ongoing protection of applications such as within the Community sector, Integr8 Shutters offers a renowned range of shutters including the first performance standard SR3 Perforated Shutter.

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