Integr8 Non-Structural SR2 Shutter

Integr8 Non Structural SR2 Shutter

Product Description

The Integr8 Non Structural SR2 Shutter is an independently tested and certified product to LPCB 1175, Issue 7. Tested under the stringent Loss Prevention Standard to security rating level 2, the shutter system is recognised by Secured by Design as a police preferred specification.

Secured by Design shutters certified to security rating 2 are rigorously tested to simulate an attack by a determined opportunist attacker in areas of high domestic risk using bodily force and tools of a high mechanical advantage.

The Interg8 Non Structural SR2 Shutter is for properties that do not require a structural lintel but necessitate integrated security with a flush finish.

Manufactured completely to client and/or project preference, both the lath profile and side guides are polyester powder coated and can be customised to any RAL/BS colour. The finished product is a stunning security solution that enhances that unique architectural flair of the property.

Unique Features

  • Tested and Certified to LPCB 1175: Issue 7, SR2
  • Personalisation of colour and finish
  • No secondary locking to the shutter guides
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Integr8 Non-Structural SR2

Integrated within the building profile

The Integr8 Non Structural SR2 is integrated within the property during very early on in the project. Where the Interg8 Non Structural Shutter range differs from the Integr8 Structural Shutter range is the building’s requirement for a lintel shutter; the Non Structural range is best suited for applications with no requirement.

Integr8 Non-Structural SR2


The Integr8 Non Structural SR2 shutter is manufactured from extruded aluminium, supported by an bottom rail that contains strengthened core. This shutter system is recessed into the cavity of the external wall to complete with closer, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Features unique LockDown technology

Unique to the Charter Global range of security shutters is the LockDown technology. Incorporated into all Integr8 Secured by Design shutters, this means no secondary locking is required to the shutters guides, meaning the shutters can be used internally as first points of entry.


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