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Reinforce entrances with performance standard Security Doors

security doors

What is a Security Door?

Security Doors provide fortified enclosures within buildings and facilities that face significant risk. One of the most significant elements of a property, doors and doorways often come under threat of attack and therefore require reinforcing to standardised performance ratings.

The most successful approach to integrated security is a good understanding of the risk and implementing relevant measures as mitigation. Charter Global’s comprehensive range of service offerings allow client preference and specification requirements to lead the acquisition of security rated doors, rather than as a reactive need (such as following a break-in).

Important for maintaining access control and procedural requirements, Security Doors are necessary for all applications – no matter the risk posed. 

security doors

Performance Ratings & Benefits

Whether the application is a fire exit, personnel entrance, storage area or front door, various hardware and software alternatives such as panic escape systems ensures protection against opportunist and premeditated attacks.

Successfully achieving accreditation from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) of up to SR4 performance rating, Charter Global offers one of the most comprehensive Security Door catalogues on the market.

Whilst most effective as a part of larger integrated security plan to envelope the entire property, Charter Global’s Security Doors provide reassurance to occupants and inhabitants that the property is protected. Having undergone rigorous testing methods, the enormous hardware options from window pane size to control panels creates a safe, enclosed space without the sense of imprisonment.

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Charter Global’s Security Door Range

Charter Global have specialised in securing the shell and interior of applications for many years and currently offer unrivalled experience within the physical security industry alongside an extensive range of independently certified security doors.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities within the UK, an experienced workforce and unrivalled product range, Charter Global acknowledges the bespoke requirements each sector has, providing a tailored service offered through associated brands:

Obexion Doors

Obexion offer a range of independently certified security doors, from SR2 through to SR4, and Ballistic and Blast Certified doors as well. Providing an impenetrable layer of protection to entrances that require risk mitigation, this comprehensive range exhibits the very best advancements as seen across the security door market.

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Equilux Doors

Equilux Doors offer a stunning range of high performance security doors to properties of ultimate prestige. All of Equilux’s front and interior doors deliver a delicate balance of performance, aesthetic and compatibility with building management systems for residential properties of the UHNWI.

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