sr4 security door

Obexion SR4 Door

Product Description

Available with a fully welded frame for additional reinforcement, the Obexion SR4 Security Door has been developed to offer full certification to the LPS 1175: Issue 7, tried and tested by the LPCB professionals. Tools used within these test include, but are not limited to, a disc grinder, sledgehammer, plate shears and hole saw.

Most suitable for applications classified as high-risk, the Obexion SR4 Security Door is a heavy-duty, industrial doorset that can be implemented to effectively mitigate intruder attack via Bodily Force and Power Tools.

The Obexion SR4 Doorset offers a comprehensive range of bespoke features so to provide the most capable solution per applications. Variations include louvres, vision panels, top and side panels and colours, finishes and coatings.

Unique Features

  • Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 4
  • Various leaf configuration options
  • Secured By Design ‘Police Preferred Specification’


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Obexion SR4 Door

Wide scope of certified configurations

The certified configurations for the Obexion SR4 Door include single or double outward opening, singe inward opening, and single or double outward with fixed sides and/or overpanels. Uneven door splits are also available to suit style, design and preference.

Obexion SR4 Door

Range of certified hardware

Wide choice of hardware and ancillary options allows for complete product tailoring to suit customer and applications requirements. Options include range of single point locks, various stays and closers, and bladed louvre cartridges are available in a variety of configurations.

Obexion SR4 Door

Bespoke finish to match building design

With various finishes and colours available, the Obexion SR4 Security Door is suitable to be integrated within existing commercial properties without detracting from aesthetic. Customisation options include textured and woodgrain effects, along with full RAL/BS colours.


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