Obexion SR1 Grille

Obexion SR1 Grille

Product Description

The Obexion SR1 Grille is the market-leading, independently certified retractable grille best suited for commercial and industrial applications that have a low to medium-level risk.

Having successful achieved accreditation to the LPCB LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 1, this solutions provides peace of mind that an application is secured.

Characterised by the attractive lattice, the Obexion SR1 Grille is regularly recommended by insurance brokers and specified by architects. The grille is extremely popular due to manufacturing methods that allow for maximum accessibility when secured, whilst discreet stacking back to a fraction of the overall size.

Unique Features

  • Unique top hung feature
  • Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 1
  • Independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
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Obexion SR1 Grille

Versatile in application

Versatile by its nature, this features an attractive curved lattice. Various swivel return and operational options to allow for both maximum accessibility, and tailoring to both client and application requirements.

Equilux Grille

Secure by nature

As with most security products, visible and obvious security measures plays the role of deterring intruders excellently. The Obexion SR1 Grille ensure complete security and peace of mind with zinc plated stacks and a strong two-point slam lock. 

residential security grille


This security grille is best suited to applications that require a customisable, easy to use security solution. Available as a single or double grille, this solution features diamond lattices that discreetly stack back to a fraction of a standard grille size.


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