Obexion Blast Door

Obexion Blast Door

Product Description

The Obexion Blast Door is engineered and tested in accordance to HMG Protected Spaces criteria. Performance levels C25 and C15 have been achieved in various configurations, providing a high-performance blast resistant solution to properties at risk from explosion.

Obexion Blast Doors follow a completely bespoke manufacturing process, so can be integrated into any building design and mitigate against bespoke threats specific the the application in question.

Manufactured to exacting conditions, the Obexion Blast doorsets are available with vision panels for DDA compliances for both internal and external doorways.

Unique Features

  • Surface-mounted multi-point locking
  • Steel encapsulation for additional protection
  • Blast performance C25 and C15 compliant
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Obexion Blast Door

Tried and tested to high performance criteria

Engineered inline with HM Government’s ‘People in Protected Spaces’ performance criteria, the Obexion Blast Door has been tested in various configurations so to ensure internal spaces remain protected – no matter the application.


Obexion Blast Door

Intrinsically designed to mitigate terror attacks

As social conditions become less stable within the UK and its borders, potential risk of terror attack or domestic extremism via IED or other forms of explosives has become much more severe. Used in conjunction with products such as the Obexion Blast Blind, the Obexion Blast Door provides a crucial element in a holistic counter-terror solution.

Obexion Blast Door

Multiple configurations and bespoke features

Available in various configurations including single or double leaf, the Obexion Blast Door can be finished in a range RAL colours, as timber veneer, plastic laminate (such as Formica) or Acrovyn. Vision panels are also optional where there is requirement for compliance with DDA regulations.


Mitigating Blast

Considered the most deadly risk to property as it has the potential to cause mass injury, mitigating blast must be taken very seriously once identified as a risk.

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