obexion blast blind

Obexion Blast Blind

Product Description

Intelligently manufactured as mitigation against the Blast and explosives, the Obexion Blast Blind ensures a secure internal space in worst-case scenarios.

Offering a unique layer of protection to properties that require mitigation against explosion, the blind is manufactured with impressive core durability designed to absorb the pressure of the initial blast. Internally fixed, the reflective pressure from shattering glass will trigger the blades to automatically close, securing the inside space from debris and glass shrapnel from entering.

Subject to meticulous standards, the Obexion Blast Blind has successfully endured blast performance scenarios of 100kg and 500kg TNT Equivalent. Rapid and controlled deflection combined with the seamless integration with existing building design, the Obexion Blast Blind offers a high-performance security measure to effective protect both people and property from explosion.

Unique Features

  • Blast protection through pressure absorption
  • Impressive core durability
  • No compromise on design with interior installation


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Obexion Blast Blind

Absorbs pressure from blasts

The Obexion Blast Blind will protect the occupants within the building from casualty and injury by absorbing the pressure from the blast. Automatically triggering the steel blades to close, the blind therefore creates a safe enclosed space from father damage or attack.

Obexion Blast Blind

Mitigates threat of shattered glass

The Obexion Blast Blind not only secures the building from the initial pressure but later deflects the devastating structure damage from entering the enclosed space. Efficiently mitigating the threat shattered glass and crumbling debris to individuals, the blind is one most effective blast-resistant products currently available.

Obexion Blast Blind

Suitable for range of window sizes

Suitable for several configurations including non-standard size windows, the aperture will be completely secured following closure of the blind. The Obexion Blast Blind is suitable for all applications requiring a specified security measure without compromise on building aesthetic.


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