Integr8 Non-Structural SR3 Shutter

Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter

Product Description

The Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter is the high performance, certified solution for properties that require an integrated shutter – without the requirement for a structural lintel.

Independently tested and certified product to LPCB 1175, Issue 7 by the LPCB to LPS security rating 3, this shutter system is also recognised by Secured by Design as a police preferred specification.

Full customisable, the Integr8 Structural SR3 shutter is available with a wide range of finishes and colours to RAL/BS.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter is reinforced by an bottom rail that contains a strengthened core. Without the structural lintel requirement, the shutter recessed into the cavity of the external wall complete with closer.

Unique Features

  • Certified to LPCB 1175, Issue 7, Level 3
  • Removes requirement for unsightly hoodbox
  • Suited for applications with no requirement of structural lintel system
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Integr8 Non-Structural SR3

Integrate within building fabric

The Interg8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter is for properties such as fast track, modular builds that do not require a structural lintel but necessitate integrated security with a flush finish. Creating a completely flush finish, this is an excellent solution for properties that require high performance security.

Integr8 Non-Structural SR3

Eliminates structural lintel requirements

As the Integr8 Non Structural  SR3 Shutter eliminates the structural requirements and incurred cost of a lintel, therefore reducing the overall cost for manufacture. A cost-effective security shutter solution, this is the best solution for properties that require a cost-effective specified security solution.


The Integr8 Structural Shutter can be manufactured completely to client and/or project preference. Both the lath profile and side guides are polyester powder coated and can be customised to any RAL/BS colour, creating a stunning finish that enhances that unique architectural flair of the property.


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