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Obexion is our brand of certified security shutters for high-risk applications. Obexion Shutters have been independently tested by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) in different attack scenarios to effectively protect against multiple risks and have achieved accreditation to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2 to SR5 as well as being approved for UK and US government use.

Typical applications include Critical National Infrastructure, high-value retail, financial institutions, among others.

Take a look at our Obexion showcase for examples of our work within the high-security space.



Applications: commercial buildings, retail outlets, museums & galleries, universities, and other public facilities.

Security rating: Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2.

This Obexion shutter is designed to withstand attack by a determined opportunist using bodily force and mechanically advanced tools of medium size. It is also the only security roller shutter on the market to be certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 with perforated options that allow for ventilation and visibility when desired, like promoting merchandise during closed hours.



Applications: Financial Institutions, utility facilities (energy) and high-value commercial.

Security rating: Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR3.

The UD SR3 shutter is capable of withstanding a deliberate attack lasting up to 20 minutes. It’s designed to protect facilities facing medium- to high-risks from deliberate forced entry using bodily force and a wide selection of tools, such as crowbars, axes, and drills.


Tip: Our Obexion range of security shutters feature unique LockDown technology that requires no auxiliary locking to maintain the security rating. This ensures the shutter is never left in an insecure position, facilitating the operation of the shutter as the first point of entry.



Applications: Laboratories and Research buildings, Critical National Infrastructure.

Security ratings: LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR4

Designed for high-risk applications, the MD SR4 resists a sustained and experienced attempt at forced entry using Bodily Force and an extended selection of Power Tools, such as jigsaws, disc grinders and drills.



Applications: Critical National Infrastructure applications, Defence Estate, Military and National Security

Security rating: LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR5

The MD SR5 is designed to protect against a sustained and professional means of attempting entry using an extended range of hand and performance power tools, such as a reciprocating saw, a circular saw and grinder, for extended periods of time.

It is the only security shutter certified to LPS 1175 SR5 and is designed to protect sites of extreme sensitivity, risk or national importance.



Applications: Military and national security, critical national infrastructure and other security-sensitive applications.

Security rating: Independently tested by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) (formerly known as the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) (CPNI). Approved for UK Government use.

Please speak to a member of our team to discuss further details on this product.



Applications: Approved for use on US Department of State projects. Including Government buildings, Critical National Infrastructure, and other high-risk applications.

Security rating: Accredited to the FE/BR (Force Entry / Ballistic Resistance) standard.

Please speak to a member of our team to discuss further details on this product.



Applications: High-value retail, government & defence, the financial sector.

Security rating: Places it at standards of vehicle barrier systems such as bollards and road blockers.

First and only ram-rated shutter in the industry. No other security shutter has an anti-ram certification. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss further details on this product.


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Equilux represents our premium range of security shutters exclusively designed for the residential properties of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. By means of smart home integration, architectural style and premium finishes, Equilux shutters are completely tailored to client preference.

By housing the security shutter within the property’s structural lintel, Equilux achieves an unobtrusive finish – completely hidden from sight when not in use.

Take a look at our Equilux showcase for examples of our work within the prime residential space.



An unobtrusive alternative to the traditional hood box. The Equilux Built-In Shutter has no visible guide rails or hood box. Featuring cavity closer elements and integrated structural steel lintels, the shutter maintains the original features and architectural design of the residence. When the shutter is deployed, the home is completely secured.

Most effective when installed during the build stage of a project to reduce structural alterations.



Providing the residence with a hardened layer of protection, the Equilux Bolt-On Shutter is a high-performance security system developed to secure enclosures without compromising on aesthetics.

Designed bespoke to property and client preference. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.




Engineered to integrate within the very fabric of a building, Integr8 Shutters focus on causing minimal disruption through lintel specification.

Interg8 Shutters have the capability for both structural and non-structural integration. Suitable applications include local government sectors like community, healthcare, and education.

Take a look at our Integr8 showcase for examples of our work within the specialist built-in space.



Applications: commercial, community, education, healthcare.

Security ratings: standard, SR2, and SR3.

By removing the need for an unsightly headbox, Integr8 Structural security shutters sit within the load-bearing lintel of an aperture. This is an ideal solution for properties with challenges due to building type or local restrictions.

Integr8 Structural Built-In Shutters are not suited in retrofit situations or refurbishment projects. Installation of the lintel must occur during the structural development stage of build as best practice.



Applications: commercial, community, education, healthcare.

Security ratings: standard, SR2, and SR3.

The Integr8 Non-Structural Built-In Shutter is best suited for applications where there is no requirement for a load-bearing lintel. This can be due to the application’s intended purpose, or due to the architectural design requirements and planning permission restrictions.

A lightweight housing alternative, non-structural shutters are a particularly effective method for fast-track build styles including SFS and timber frame.


Tip: all products across the Obexion, Equilux and Integr8 brands are not necessarily limited to their relevant applications. By speaking to a member of our team you can be advised on the best security shutter that meets your requirements.



For specific features like dimensions, duty cycle, finishes, colours and control options, all security shutters can be manufactured to client or project requirements. Manufacturing our products in the UK at our built-for-purpose facilities gives us full control of the design and production of our market-leading security shutters.

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