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Integr8’s specialist range of Structural Built-In Shutters encompasses the very best architectural construction of integrated lintel shutter systems. By removing the need for an unsightly headbox, integrated security shutters sit within the load-bearing lintel of an aperture.

Securing applications within the sectors CommercialEducationCommunity and Healthcare can be a challenging task for a number of reasons. The type of building is a large part of this. Integrating high-performance security measure within an existing property is complicated on every level, however when the property is a secondary school, or a hospital, governing bodies that ensure such facilities are appropriate for the public further restrict the type or amount of alterations that can be made.

Another reason for using integrated security shutters lies with the purpose of the facility. If the property in question is a school, integrating multiple measures to completely encompass the site may be detrimental to the surrounding community, staff and of course students. Protecting the occupants is of the utmost priority. However, if the measures integrated into the facility or building adversely affect those it is trying to protect, it may be a complete misallocation of resources best used elsewhere.

Integr8 Structural Built-In Shutters are not suited in retro-fit situations or refurbishment projects. Installation of the lintel must occur during the structural development stage of build as best practice. See below for further information.


For applications that require a innovative approach to security. The Integr8 Structural Shutter is a lintel security shutter system, integrated within the load bearing lintel of a property therefore removing the need for an unsightly headbox.


The Integr8 Structural SR2 Shutter is integrated within the very construction of a property, by integrating the shutter system within the load bearing lintel. Independently tested and certified product to LPS 1175, Issue 7, the Integr8 SR2 Shutter is most suitable for properties requiring a specified, integrated security solution.


The Integr8 Structural SR3 Shutter is integrated within the load bearing structural lintel of a property to ensure secure enclosures. Independently tested and certified product to LPS 1175, Issue 7, the Integr8 SR3 Shutter is the high performance, certified alternative.