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Specialist manufacturers, suppliers & installers of high-performance, intelligent physical security systems.

Charter Global was initially established in response to an ever-changing landscape of threat, security and architectural integration. Having been around for nearly 15 years, the security industry and construction as a whole have evolved quite drastically. There is a somewhat shared belief in the security industry; no single measure is 100% resistant to an attacker determined enough. 

Inspired by this morose outlook, our team has worked tirelessly to provide an inherently robust solution. Near two decades later, and we are consistently at the forefront of innovation in design, manufacturing and installation. We continue to develop our expertise and a product range suitable to enter any high-risk application.

The brands

Renowned for developing the first security shutter to achieve NPSA and DoS certification, Obexion offers high-performance shell and interior reinforcement solutions for high-risk applications including within Government, Military and commercial sectors.

Specialist range of security solutions for residential properties of the extremely wealthy. A unique offering specifically created for prestigious real estate, individuals facing significant risk remain protected against intruders and premeditated attacks.

Integr8 Security Shutters are a specialist range of roller shutters for local government sectors including Community and Healthcare. Designed to integrate within the very fabric of the architectural structure.

Protection From Risk


Ballistic risk mitigation through combined advanced performance rating and manufacturing methods.


Protecting people, property and assets from bespoke risks and severe threats.


A premeditated attack on property by means of explosives requires high-performance solutions for blast resistance.


Protecting against deliberate forced entry of premises using mechanically-enhanced power tools.


Mitigation of opportunist intruder attempts using manual or bodily force including tools.

Since 2004

Charter Global are specialist manufacturers, suppliers and installers of high-performance, intelligent physical security systems. Offering a comprehensive range of bespoke products, from concealed roller shutters to blast resistant security blinds.

Established nearly 18 years ago in recognition that standardised security measures were incapable of compromise to even the slightest degree, Charter Global was founded with the intention that compromise should only ever be a final resort. At the very heart of this is architectural integration. With dedicated manufacturing facilities, Charter Global have achieved several industry firsts including the only security shutter certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 5 (SR5).

Offering the discerning specifier an unrivalled range of security solutions for hardening the building perimeter, Charter Global have successfully implemented measures into applications including ultra-prime residential developments, specialist facilities such as schools and healthcare, and high-profile national infrastructure buildings facing severe risks.

Charter Global was established in 2004 in recognition that standard security shutters were incapable of effectively defending an application against a severe attack. Monitored above all else in such situations is architectural integration. 

Whilst the security industry does share the understanding that no measure is 100% resistant to determined attack, without doubt the most successful measures are those that are integrated within the very structure of the building.

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Meet the members of the charter global team based at our uk headquarters in reading.

Security Accreditations

Years ago, Charter Global recognised a need in the market for high security accredited solutions. Now, our team has successfully achieved several relevant security accreditations and continuously strives for growth. Being a leading provider of high-performance security products, we adhere strictly to numerous safety schemes.