Charter Global offer a unique service to Security Professionals

Having successfully secured many an application alongside security consultants, risk managers and other industry professionals, Charter Global has an explicit understanding of national and international security standards.

Charter Global have effectively secured properties within all sectors. Introduced at every stage of the property’s lifecycle, from early involvement with architectural drawings right the way through to retrofitting security measures on repurposed properties, realistic solutions are provided to mitigate all pre-determined and bespoke risks.

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Charter Global’s dedicated team work closely with security professionals in three key areas; risk profiling, performance standard specification, and structural integration.

Applications that require minimum SR3 standard certified products due to the high-profile nature of the property, i.e. Financial Institution sector, Charter Global can recommend, manufacture and install solutions to mitigate risk profiles in line with the properties capabilities.


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How do Charter Global work with Security Professionals?

Heavily invested in the continuous development of physical security products, Charter Global propose solutions that will harden the building shell and interior space. Risk mitigated include Power Tools and Ballistics.

Each product offered is rigorously developed and tested to industry standard performance ratings. Development is spearheaded by Research & Development and Design departments, resulting in Charter Global proudly boasting a range of certified solutions to harden a property’s shell and interior.

Two of the most formally recognised performance standards Charter Global offers solutions to are accredited by are the LPCB and SBD. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a renowned testing and approval organisation, operating very closely alongside the police crime prevention initiative Secured By Design (SBD).

Charter Global also offer products specified by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) organisation.

Important to mention are the many applications that face risks not categorically identified. This means to say their risks are not identified within one particular performance rating, therefore securing the property requires a bespoke, tailored approach.   

Why should a Security Professional work with Charter Global?

Understood to be primarily concerned with securing the property over considerations such as kerb appeal, Charter Global provides expertise in products specification to suit the Security Consultants’ expertise of risk. Unfortunately, the UK has faced an increase in recorded attempts of sophisticated attack – including that of terror attack – which has altered the industry and our approach to security.

Implementation with technology has become detrimental. Highly certified products will only work as well as their human and computer counterparts. Therefore integrating a ballistic resistant measure is pointless if the security guard presence does now follow procedure and mistakenly authorises entry.

Charter Global appreciate that Security Professional are the true experts within the industry; where the most benefit Charter Global and its dedicated team can offer, is technical assistance of the security solutions available and further recommendations for mitigation. This is formed from a combination of understanding attack force and experience of profiled risks.

Additional acknowledgement of the physical forces an attack will put on a property part of Charter Global’s offering, which is why premium associations Equilux, Integr8 and Obexion each provide specialist resources for the sectors within each association. Further technical assistance including performance standards and integration capabilities can be provided on enquiry.

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