Obexion Ballistic Door

Obexion Ballistic Door

Product Description

The Obexion Ballistic Door offers properties facing severe risk including ballistic attacks, hardened, bullet proof door protection within internal and external doorways.

Bullet resistant doors are a critical part of a holistic physical security solution where the property or people are at risk from a ballistic attack. Ensuring doorways and access points within an application at risk from a terror threat, for example, is a fundamental part of the physical security strategy for that site.

Engineered and tested to BS EN 1522: FB1 to FB7 performance criteria, the Obexion Ballistic Door is manufactured to exacting standards including a steel core leaf for hardened integral protection.

The wide range of ballistic ratings (FB1 – FB7) available with this bullet resistant door enable the specifier to tailor the door to exactly suit the risk level they are dealing with.

Unique Features

  • Hardened, bullet proof integral protection
  • Developed to resist experienced, severe attack attempts
  • BS EN 1522: FB1 to FB7 performance
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Obexion bullet resistant Door

Steel encapsulation provides bullet resistance

Each bullet proof door leaf is manufactured encapsulated within ballistic resistant steel so as to reinforce the door-set with additional protection against ballistic attacks and other forms of attack. Thorough testing ensures every element of the door is effective at mitigating against a ballistic attack.

bullet resistant door

Suitable for most operational requirements

Various doorset configurations are available to suit varying requirements. With bullet proof vision panels manufactured compliant with DDA regulations, the Obexion Ballistic Door is suitable for both external and internal doorway applications.

bullet proof door

Multiple locking and access options available

With various surface-mounted locking features, this bullet proof door has multiple locking options available to suit almost every operational requirement. Further access options are available depending on application, such as push pad and panic bar for external door or fire escape door.


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