Obexion LPS 1175 Security Doors

Obexion understands that every project is unique. Offering a comprehensive range of security doors, mitigating risks from forced entry through to blast.

Certified from SR2 to SR4, Obexion LPS 1175 Doors have undergone rigorous testing to offer a security measure worth recognising.
As a result, the Obexion range of LPS 1175 Doors has one of the largest certifiable scopes on the market.

Manufactured in the UK to the exacting standards of ISO 9001, and are backed up by industry-leading design,
technical and installation expertise at Charter Global.

See our guide to LPS 1175 Security Ratings Explained for more details on the standard.


The Obexion SR2 Door is most suitable for commercial and industrial properties of medium to high risk profiles. Certified to LPS 1175 SR2 with single, double and leaf & half configurations, this LPS 1175 Door is manufactured with internal plating and various vision panels to suit requirements.


The Obexion SR3 Door features numerous locking methods including single and multi-lock options, along with external access locks via cylinder guards. Manufactured with durable materials for maintained security in the face of eventualities, high performance and bespoke finishes are also available.


The Obexion SR4 Door is an effective form of mitigation against Bodily Force and Power Tools for properties with medium to high risk profiles. Ensuring absolute peace of mind through intelligent engineering and reinforced armoured steel, this LPS 1175 Door offers high performance, certified security.


The Obexion Ballistic Door offers properties facing severe risk including ballistic attacks, hardened protection within internal and external doorways. Engineered and tested to BS EN 1522: 1999 FB1 to FB7 performance criteria, the Obexion Ballistic Door is manufactured to exacting standards including a steel core leaf for hardened integral protection.



The Obexion Blast Door is engineered and tested in accordance to HMG Protected Spaces criteria. Performance levels C25 and C15 have been achieved in various configurations, providing a high-performance blast resistant solution to properties at risk from blast.