Protecting People

Protecting people is one of the most significant elements of consideration when securing a property.

For many applications, aesthetic and capability are considered as important as the standard of security. The very heart of securing a property, however, is about protecting people within the building. There is very little point in implementing security measures if not considering all the risks and ultimate implications.

Social, economic and religious instability within the UK and beyond the national borders have created a period of massive uncertainty. Dividing views on every topic of controversy can spark extremist actions resulting in fatal incidents much like the terrifying suicide bombing of the Ariana Grande concert Manchester in May 2017. In all truth, there is very little that can be implemented to protect a public space against a serious terrorist attack. Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) and person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIED) are increasingly difficult to detect; firearm and ballistics threats even more so.

Applications identified with a high-risk of terror attacks require independently certified products to mitigate the risk of incident. For applications with the sector Stadiums and Arenas, for example, solutions including the Obexion Blast Blind or the Obexion Ballistic Door provide safeguarding measures and reassurance to both corporate overheads and the public attendees concerned with protecting people that will use their facilities.

For applications identified as vital to the ongoing functioning of the nation, referred to as Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), protecting against terror risks are of the utmost importance. Targeted attacks on properties identified as CNI have the potential to cause catastrophic devastation to the nation, let alone the threat to assets and people within the facility.

Domestic residences of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) on the other hand will very rarely be posed with a risk of terror, though this profiling is completely dependent on the profile of the resident. Charter Global and its premium associations provided a dedicated service for the protection of applications:

Where are the people you are protecting?

Ultra high-risk buildings

Obexion, Charter Global’s high-risk applications security solutions provider, offer a complete range of performance standard products to mitigate the risk of attacks. Structural integration combined with specifically manufactured products will support a structure beyond their capability to protect against a Blast or Ballistic attack.

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Luxury residential homes

Charter Global’s premium brand Equilux provides aesthetically-pleasing security solutions as mitigation of terror attack on residential properties of UHNWI. Domestic residences of the UHNWI necessitate certified products that will not compromise the properties visual appeal – even in situations where there is high risk profile, structural integration is key.

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