working with portfolio managers

Charter Global work closely with a range of professions throughout the security industry

Charter Global’s years of experience implementing effective security measures. Applications within all sectors has benefited from a unique, personal service offering to genuine support to all professionals and individual parties throughout the security industry.

With a close-knit development team at the very heart of Charter Global, each project is supported by a dedicated Research & Development team. The use and improvement of product using technology has become the norm within the security industry. Charter Global are continuously ahead of the curve as markets develop, consistently developing and improving the product range through attack testing and continued development of tool effectiveness.

Security Professionals

Work closely with experienced team of physical security experts and benefit from Charter Global’s understanding of performance rating standards. Highly specified product range including Blast, Ballistic and Bespoke resistant solutions.

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With a dedicated Design and Development department, Architects can expect bespoke concept drawings on request, NBS specifications on proposal and the experience of specialist engineers from Charter Global.

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Portfolio Managers

With dedicated manufacturing facilities, Charter Global are in a unique positions to offer solid lead-times, experienced in-house designers and a true understanding of industry-recognised performance rating and approval standards.

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Experienced in securing projects from commercial facilities to government funded applications, Charter Global understand the risks an application may face and have a clear understanding of constraints and restrictions of intelligent construction.

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With a premium product range offering tailored solutions to every property style, design and client preference, Charter Global work closely with UHNWI to achieve architecturally sound buildings with compromising on security.

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