Shutters for Coastal Homes: A case study

Case Study: Shutters for Coastal Homes

This coastal project, featured previously, has progressed to the stage where the Equilux Roller Shutter lintels have been supplied to site and installed.

The shutter side guides; incorporating the insulated cavity closer for the windows, are installed as outlined in the previous article, here. Shutters for coastal homes can sometimes be more challenging than other domestic shutter installation projects. Being a coastal project, extra consideration is given to the finishes of the system. The distance of the property from the shoreline and the prevailing winds are considered, this property enjoys sea views from a hillside further inland and an extra finish to the lintels was required to prevent the potential for corrosion.

Working with the structural engineer and the architect to the project, a number of bespoke lintels were required to ensure that initial design of the property was not compromised. In particular, a number of larger openings where a panoramic folding sliding door system had been included required a structural opening of over 6m. The Equilux lintel caters for openings and loadings of this size and includes for the roller shutter box to ensure a concealed security solution. The roller shutter lintels to the first floor were required to be as small as possible to ensure there was no interface with the roof structure; again achieved through proactive design input, using a bespoke roller shutter lintel.

The lintels were supplied to site protected and labelled to ensure each lintel is installed to the correct opening. As the project had limited site storage space the lintels were manufactured and stored at the factory, then called off when required by the site team. Installation of the lintels follows the standard process for any structural lintel; keeping the site works simple and straightforward.

A survey will be carried out now that the lintels are installed to obtain the as built dimension for the shutters before manufacture takes place. The shutter controls will be discussed with the client to ensure the operation of the shutters blends in with the building management system, and suits the daily routine of the client.

shutters for coastal homes

Bespoke lintel for first floor opening

shutters for coastal homes

Lintel carrying multiple shutters; catering for different window heights

shutters for coastal homes

Completed opening, awaiting survey and window installation

shutters for coastal homes

Equilux Lintels are installed to every opening on this project

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