Why security shutters are the perfect solution for countryside properties.

Why security shutters are the perfect solution for countryside properties.

Countryside properties often remain un-attended for large parts of the year. Larger mansion properties in the country are often very secluded and hidden, whilst enjoying this tranquility, the isolated property location leads to security concerns whether the building is occupied or not. This isolation provides the opportunity for a planned attack or opportunists. Security shutters can offer the next level of security, above CCTV and alarm systems. Physical security provides the most effective and efficient deterrent and delay to any potential security breach, and provides a great sense of security and peace of mind to the client when utilized.

Working closely with architects, designers and clients, the Equilux design team provide concealed built-in security solutions to accommodate the design cues of the property. Many out-of-town mansions follow specific design cues, – Georgian, Jacobean, etc. – and the Equilux Lintel shutter system caters for these styles using special bespoke lintel designs and brick slip lintels to facilitate stone and arch details across the property.

Traditional residential security shutters

Equilux security shutters, finished in a stylish anodised bronze, have been installed and working for many years in this beautiful period home in the Chilterns. Over 60 shutters were installed to all ground and first floor windows, including multi height bay windows.

Internal or external security shutters

Equilux shutters can be utilized either internally or externally. This is sometimes dictated by the local planning requirements, although outside London this is often a client choice. In addition to the high security of the Equilux Shutters, many clients appreciate and take advantage of the blackout and solar shading the shutters provide, and shutter curtain styles are available to cater to these requirements too. A compact aluminium shutter system, the Equilux shutters can be finished in a wide range of polyester powder coat finishes or an anodized finish provided a more contemporary metallic style finish.

The Equilux shutters are designed for everyday usage and control of the shutters can be via a number of different options. For larger properties, shutters operation through the building management system (BMS) is most common; however, standalone remote control or hard-wired control solutions are also an option.

The initial specification of the shutters to any property covers many areas and we have created a guide to start you off. Simply click the book below to download your printable copy.

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