Security Grilles

Mitigate risk of forced entry with police-preferred, independently certified Security Grilles

Obexion SR1 Grille

What is a Security Grille?

Security Grilles are a common security solutions for applications that require protection against Forced Entry and Power Tool attacks.

Generally recognised as diamond-patterned internal retrofit security measure, security grilles are not only an excellent deterrent of intruders but also extremely proficient at maintaining secure enclosure within any application.

As windows are the most vulnerable aperture, Security Grilles are effective as either a standalone measure or when integrated within properties with existing security measure.

Obexion SR1 Grille

Features & Benefits

Similarly as with Security Blinds, Security Grilles are efficient in window openings against extreme pressure. With glass being so susceptible to breaking or shattering from force and as windows are wider with less structural support, Security Grilles protect this vulnerable aperture from intruders beyond that of the glass.


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Charter Global’s Security Grilles Range

Charter Global have specialised in securing the shell and interior of applications for many years and currently offer a comprehensive range of security grilles for a variety of applications.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities within the UK, an experienced workforce and unrivalled product range, Charter Global understands the bespoke requirements each sector may have. Providing a tailored service offering through associated brand, Obexion, here are the security grilles currently available:

Obexion Grilles

Obexion Security Grilles are a excellent retrofit security measure for all applications. Currently offering various solutions including Obexion SR2 Grille, certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2 (SR2), each grille is manufactured to exacting standards as established by ISO 9001: 2015.

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Equilux Grille

The Equilux Grille offers window and doorway apertures with a retractable and minimalist solution to home security. Light-weight and featuring an attractive diamond-shaped lattice, this retrofit measure ensures and obvious deterrent for homes occupied irregularly.

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