Security Blinds

Mitigate risk of forced entry and blast through windows with Security Blinds

What is a Security Blind?

Security Blinds are a retrofit security measure that can be applied to any property as mitigation of Forced Entry and Blast attacks.

Providing the internal space with an additional layer of protection from an extreme pressure, Charter global’s range of Security Blinds are manufactured with intelligent pressure responses and reinforced with a steel core, meaning the blind is therefore impenetrable to forced entry.

Seamlessly integrating with both existing and new build properties, the Security Blind is an effective security measure intending to fortify a property without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Suitable for an array of applications (from Commercial through to Government), original or unique features can be accommodated for – such as arched windows.

obexion blast blind

Features & Benefits

Windows are undoubtedly the most vulnerable part of a building. For most properties, windows are wider with less structural support compared to other entrances such as door frames – not to mention the hazards of the glass itself.

Susceptible to breaking or shattering from force, glass is often the main cause of injury during a blast incident. Security Blinds not only protect this vulnerable aperture from Forced Entry, but are also intelligently designed to absorb and deflect blasts in worst case scenarios.

An innovative solution, Security Blinds feature reinforced steel blades that absorb the initial pressure from an explosion causing the blind to close. Charter Global’s Security Blinds are an additional discretionary measure beyond that of the glass itself and window frame.  


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Charter Global’s Security Blinds Range

Charter Global have specialised in securing the shell and interior of applications for many years and currently offer a comprehensive range of Security Blinds for a variety of applications.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities within the UK, an experienced workforce and unrivalled product range, Charter Global understands the bespoke requirements each sector may have. Providing a tailored service offering through associated brands, take a browse through the security blinds range:

Obexion Blinds

Obexion Security Blinds are most suited for applications that require high performance, specification products. Mitigating both opportunist and premeditated attacks by acting as a discretionary measure beyond the window pane, the Obexion Blast Blind is an innovative product designed to absorb pressure from an extreme force, such as PBIED. 

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Equilux Blind

The Equilux Blind is an excellent retrofit physical security measure for properties facing both opportunist and premeditated criminal activity. Offering prime, luxurious and prestigious properties an additional layer of protection, the Equilux Blind reinforces window and door apertures against bodily force.

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