Concealed Roller Shutters installed at Coastal Property

Concealed Roller Shutters created for unique Coastal Property

A new build residential project in Brighton requires security shutters to all doors and windows on the property for blackout and security. The property also needs storm protection due to the coastal location.

Equilux Shutters fit concealed roller shutters for coastal property

As with all residential properties, while property protection is an important consideration at all times, it is important that the design of the building is in keeping with the client’s expectations and does not detract other properties in the area. Equilux domestic window security shutters, with the totally concealed roller shutters solution as standard, were the only choice.

The side guide of the Equilux 180LS system is concealed within the wall cavity of the construction. A large number of finish options are available, which on this project have been matched to the window system being installed later in the programme. Side guides are brick-tied into the brick courses during construction and the closer forms the insulated cavity closer required for every opening. No additional site work is required to install the closer; in addition, the frame formers to each opening assist the contractor and assure each opening is plumb and square. A UV protection tape is used after manufacture until the project is complete to protect against construction damage during the build, and to stop any colour fade from UV rays.

Special consideration with domestic window security shutters has to be given to all coastal properties in relation to the finishes to the materials exposed to the corrosive sea air. Calculations are made based on the distance of the project from the coast, in this location only a few hundred yards, and the finishes adapted to suit. This particular project has a marine grade powder coated finish to the shutters and guides, and the steel shutter lintels have an additional coating to meet the coastal requirements. Other finishes include a large range of anodized and wood grain finishes. All calculations are made by Charter technicians and the specification developed accordingly.

All the components of the concealed roller shutters are manufactured in England to exacting standards, monitored through ISO9001 and an in-house quality control manager. Being close to the action ensures manufacturing times, project design, installation and service after project completion are second to none – truly security, style and peace of mind.

roller shutters for coastal property

Concealed Equilux Guide Rail and Frame Former

roller shutters for coastal proeprty

Complete Guide Rail and Frame Former provided for each opening

roller shutters for coastal property

Equilux Concealed Guide Rail and Structural Lintel

roller shutters for coastal property

Residential Project, with views to the coast