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Equilux Security Interior Door

Product Description

The Equilux Security Interior Door is a completely bespoke catalogue of security door choices. Manufactured to design preference, client and architect can work closely with the experienced Equilux Design & Manufacture teams to create high performance interior doors to suit any style property.

Ensuring the security of interior spaces within a residential property is very often overlooked. Whilst the exterior doors must take precedent, the security interior door should further support the building by protecting the occupants within.

Interior security doors an excellent feature of a residence of an Ultra High Net Worth Individual as they provide an additional level of security within the property itself, an additional barrier of defence.

The Equilux Interior Door range offers stunning interior doors without compromising on security, safety or aesthetics.

Unique Features

  • Bespoke interior doorsets to suit property and client
  • No compromise on security to meet design
  • Comprehensive range of finishes.


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security interior door

Bespoke interior doorsets

Each Equilux Security Interior Door is manufactured bespoke to client’s risk profile and preference. Ensuring that a property has a series of reinforced, impenetrable and most importantly locked doors throughout the interior space of a domestic residence, there is a much lower chance of an intruder causing harm or destruction.

security interior door

No compromise on security to meet design

With a complete and comprehensive range of locking systems including biometric access control, the Equilux Interior Door is a complimentary range to the Equilux Front Door.

security interior door

Comprehensive range of finishes

To suit any style property including Edwardian, Victorian or Contemporary, the Equilux Interior Door range can accommodate for an enormous range of styles. With dedicated manufacturing facilities and an experience team of professionals, all elements of the doorset can be tailored including ironmongery, frames, and hinges.


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