Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door

Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door

Product Description

In retrofit situations, the Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door is the perfect solution for achieving and maintaining security integrity in a independent building. Capable of achieving high performance security performance, the Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door range is a excellent standardised security performance alternative.

Garage and outhouses are an area of residential properties that is often overlooked when implementing security measure. Important to protect as often set apart from the main residence, and therefore considered to be less of a risk to criminals, garages can contain the most valuable material possessions such as luxurious vehicles, or home cinema equipment.

As per the nature of garages, the Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door features unique access control and locking systems including remote control as standard.

Unique Features

  • Completely bespoke, manufactured to client preference
  • Features unique locking system including remote control as standard
  • Designed specifically for prime residential homes
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Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door


Providing complete concealment of internal assets, the Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door can be finished in any preferred RAL/BS colour or with a wider range of specialised design specifications to suit both existing security measures. Completely securing the property with shutters that exactly suit the larger project is a great approach to domestic property design.

Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door


Control solutions for Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door are programmed with state-of-the-art technology to suit client preference; operated via smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, personal PC from a remote location or by standard radio receiver. Intelligent synchronisation of all security measures implemented throughout a property can be programmed via a BMS.

Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door

Bespoke manufacturing to suit design

The mechanics of the Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door are inherently based on enhancing aesthetics without compromising the security performance. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, the Equilux Shutters are manufactured to exacting standards to suit the domestic property’s unique flair or unique features.


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