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Equilux Blind

Product Description

Introducing the brilliant Equilux Security Blinds range, applicable for all residential properties; intrinsically designed to mitigate Bodily Force, Power Tools and Blast without compromising the property’s visual appeal, this residential security blind range is designed to look and feel much like a standard blind.

Window and door apertures are the perceived weakest part of the property shell, resulting in frequent and unfortunately effective intrusion attempts.

Potential protective measures for windows include glazing and reinforcement, however these solutions do not protect people from shattered glass should an incident occur, whereas this is a threat this residential security blind is specifically designed to mitigate.

The Equilux Security Blind provides an additional layer of protection beyond the window pane.

Unique Features

  • High performance yet unobtrusive security measure
  • Designed to absorb pressure and deflect debris
  • Effective mitigation of Blast


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residential security blind

High tensile locking bar for additional reinforcement

Internally fixed, the Equilux Security Blind is manufactured from reinforced steel core blades and high tensile locking bar. Applicable for both integration within new build properties and retrofitted within existing buildings, this is one of the most effective security measures for mitigating forced entry.

residential security blind

Designed to absorb pressure & deflect debris

For properties that have identified a risk of blast attacks, this residential security blind is intelligently designed to absorb the initial pressure from an explosive device. The shock wave activates an automatic locking feature supported by an impressive core strength, the blind then efficiently deflects further pressure from debris and shattered glass. 

residential security blind

Discretionary security measure for vulnerable buildings

Equilux Security Blinds act as a discretionary security measure for the most vulnerable part of a building. Inconspicuous from the outside, the security blind is impenetrable by force and effectively secures property against both premeditated and opportunist attacks. Providing complete peace of mind, without detracting from the properties unique features.


Product Specification

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