Obexion Grilles

High performance Security Grilles for commercial facilities

For commercial properties that require a certified physical security measure, the Obexion Security Grilles range offer certified retractable grilles to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR1 and SR2. Also available for low- to moderate-risk applications is the Obexion Standard Grille.

The Obexion Security Grilles range offers the very best standard of specified, security shutters currently available on the market. Rigorously tried and tested, Obexion Grilles are versatile by design and secure through intelligent manufacturing methods including high grade bolt-cutter resistance.

Providing high performance reinforced protection to arguably the most vulnerable access point of a property, the Obexion Security Door range mitigates various risks including Bodily Force and Power Tools.

Best suited to applications that are under threat from medium- to high-level risks, the Obexion Security Grille range is a Secured By Design (SBD) police preferred specification.

Obexion Standard Grille

The Obexion Standard Grille is the Police Preferred Specification solution, suitable for low- to moderate-risk applications. Available as either a single (locking to one side) or double (with central lock-post) diamond-shaped lattice.

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Obexion SR1 Grille

The Obexion SR1 Security Grille is the market-leading, certified retractable grille best suited for commercial and industrial applications that have low- to medium-level risk. Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 1.

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Obexion SR2 Grille

Designed to mitigate opportunist attacks by tools within Tool Category B, as categorised by the BRE, the Obexion SR2 Grille is an effective, low profile specified products best suited for commercial and industrial projects. Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2.

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