obexion doors

Introducing the unique range of Obexion high risk security doors

Properties of medium to high commercial risk required fortified and reinforced security measures across the entire building to maintain a secure enclosure, protecting both occupants and assets.

Offering a unique and comprehensive range of products, Obexion Doors are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015 exacting standards. With dedicated manufacturing facilities and an experience in-house design team, accreditation from the LPCB LPS 1175: Issue 7 has been achieved with the Obexion SR2 Door, Obexion SR3 Door and Obexion SR4 Door sets.

Providing high performance reinforced protection to arguably the most vulnerable access point of a property, the Obexion Security Door range mitigates various risks including Bodily Force and Power Tools.

See below for a comprehensive range of security rated doorsets available for commercial applications.

Obexion SR2 Door

The Obexion SR2 Door is most suitable for commercial and industrial properties of medium- to high-risk profiles. Available in single, double and leaf & half configurations, the Obexion SR2 Door range is manufactured with internal plating and various vision panels to suit requirements.

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Obexion SR3 Door

The Obexion SR3 Door features numerous locking methods including single and multi-lock options, along with external access locks via cylinder guards Manufactured with durable materials for maintained security in the face of eventualities, high performance and bespoke controls are also available.

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Obexion SR4 Door

The Obexion SR4 Door is effective form of mitigation against Forced Entry: Bodily Force and Forced Entry: Power Tool for properties of medium- to high-risk profiles. Ensuring absolutle peace of mind through intelligent engineering and reinforced armoured steel, the Obexion SR4 Door offers high performance, certified security.

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