security blind

Introducing the unique Obexion High Risk Security Blinds range for window and door openings.

Window apertures come under threat of attack more than any other element of a building. Considered weaker than doors and less protected than garages, windows often bear the heavy brunt of vicious attacks.

Specifically manufactured with a reinforced steel core, this range of security products provides an additional layer of protection for arguably the most vulnerable part of a building. Resistant to forced entry, Obexion Security Blinds act as a measure against both opportunist and premeditated attacks by acting as a discretionary measure beyond the reinforced window pane.

Commercial and Industrial applications across all Sectors will benefit from the additional security reinforcement the Obexion Blinds range can offer. With seamless integration within existing buildings, Obexion Blinds are retrofitted without requirement for structural altercations, protecting against Forced Entry and Blast.

Obexion Blast Blind

Intelligently designed to absorb pressure from an explosive device, the Obexion Blast Blind features an impressive core strength with automatic closing. Having successfully endured blast performance testing, the blind will absorb the initial blast and efficiently deflect debris and shrapnel from the reflective pressure – protecting both property and occupants.

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Obexion Forced Entry Blind

Manufactured to withstand vicious intruder attempts of access, the Obexion Forced Entry Blind is uniquely manufactured with high tensile steel blades and a locking bar to create an efficient barrier of protection. Operated much the same a standard window blind, this is one security measure that will fortify a property without effecting the property’s kerb appeal.

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