Vacant Home Security

Vacant Home Security for New Build Riverside Retreat

Vacant home security – integrated shutters

This new build property situated on the tranquil banks of the River Thames, near Marlow, required thorough home security for client peace of mind when the property was unoccupied. Vacant home security is a concern for all of those who manage a portfolio of properties that are likely to be uninhabited for lengthy periods of time.

Vacant Home Security

Many options for vacant home security were discussed with the client and architect, but ultimately security shutters were chosen as being the optimum method of security. Working closely with the client’s property team and the project architect and contractor enabled the Equilux shutters to be concealed successfully, and the shutter guide detail integrated into the timber cladding.

When in the raised position, the shutters are completely concealed from view, both internally and externally. While the client is away from the property, the shutters provide an intelligent and unobtrusive yet high-security protection to the house.

The shutters are controlled via individual pushbutton switches or via a master switch per floor which operates all the shutters together. The shutters are used daily as a blackout solution in addition to security and provide complete peace of mind to the client when away from the property.

Product and technical information

Vacant Home SecurityThe Equilux built-in shutter system incorporates a shutter within a structural lintel, providing an unobtrusive structurally integrated solution.

The lintel and cavity closer elements of the system are installed in the traditional manner at the time of build. The system addresses the usual issues of lintel design, such as structural loadbearing, cold bridging and damp proofing, but has the added benefit of acting as a security shutter when required. The shutter curtain is installed as a second-fix item via an internal maintenance access panel.

Vacant Home Security

In the raised position, the shutter is completely concealed from view, retaining the clean lines of the opening. In the lowered position, the shutter ensures effective resistance against intruder attack. The absence of visible guide rails or boxes limits the potential for an effective attack on the system.

Custom designs such as those for curved and arched windows are available, and aluminium polyester powder coating finishes can be supplied in any RAL/BS colour.

Vacant Home Security

To access more Technical Information on the Equilux Shutter range, click the image below:

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  • Combined structural lintel and shutter hood box for traditional build styles
  • Combined side guide and insulated cavity closer, brick tied to structure
  • System installed at new build stage
  • Routine maintenance via internal access panel
  • Shutter and side guides finished to suit project style
  • Maximum security due to integrated design
  • Intelligent Building Design

Further information on vacant home security

If you require further information on vacant home security and the products that we offer to maximise security whilst keeping design at the forefront of our work, why not download our guide on ‘Bespoke Integrated Shutters for Luxury Homes’. To download, click nbelow.

bespoke shutters for luxury homes

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