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Home Security Case Study: Riverside Retreat Secured

Published: November 6, 2019

Situated on the tranquil banks of the River Thames near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, sophisticated home security measures were required for this beautiful new build retreat.

Unoccupied for weeks on end, thorough home security measures would defend the property against intruders and provide the client with peace of mind.

For properties that remain periodically vacant, security consultants may raise concerns about the level of security necessary. Property value, location and public profile of the client are also considered during these early stages of planning.

For this riverside property, over 20 bespoke Equilux Built-In Security Shutters were provided to physically secure each opening.

Vacant Home Security

Prime Property and Vacancies

With strong connections with the capital, Marlow and similar super-prime countryside areas see the highest properties sales outside of London.

A consequence of being an affluent area, the risk for crime and intentional property damage is high.

Smart home technology can offer great benefits to a homeowner including motion detection lights, CCTV and access control options such as remote feedback on entry gate movement.

However, these solutions generally mitigate any attempts at forced entry. Physical measures including security shutters and security doors make it obvious from the kerbside that the property is reinforced.

Therefore reducing the chances of the intruders being able to gain access.

marlow security shutters

One size does not fit all

For the riverside retreat, a number of home security options were discussed with both the client and the architect.

Equilux Security Shutters were decided on as being the optimum method of security for their integration possibilities.

While the client is away from the property, the shutters provide an obvious yet not unappealing high-security protection to the house.

When open, the integrated nature of the structural lintel provides an unaltered view of the River Thames.

Working closely alongside the teams onsite enabled the security shutters to be concealed successfully and the shutter guide detail integrated into the traditional timber cladding.

Hidden internally and externally when raised, the shutters were provided in RAL 7047 matte grey to compliment the property’s other features.

  • marlow home security shutters

Remote Access & Routine Maintenance

Equilux Shutters offer custom controls for all projects. Based on the client’s requirements, the shutters were programmed to be controlled via a single master switch per floor.

When the property is occupied, the shutters are used daily as a blackout solution.

This system also addresses the usual issues of lintel design such as structural load-bearing, cold bridging and damp proofing.

As heavy-duty pieces of machinery, routine maintenance and servicing are vital. The image below demonstrates how access to the shutter barrel and motor is provided.

To access more Technical Information on the Equilux Shutter range, click the image below:

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Bespoke Shutters for Luxury Homes Guide

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