High Security Shutters at SCTX 2016

Published: April 20, 2016

This week, security experts across the UK have converged on London’s Olympia Exhibition Hall, to see the latest and greatest in security innovation. Obexion shutters travelled to the venue to showcase their range of high security shutters and gave the attendees the chance to inspect and operate their shutters.
high security shutters by obexion

Obexion is just one of the security shutter specialists amongst a sub-set of providers at SCTX (Security and Counter Terrorism Expo) 2016.

In addition to physical security products at the show, there are a multitude of other product ranges from drones to x-ray devices, body armour, cyber security, security training, and robust versions of every kind of electronic device you might find at PC World.

From the first day, the main reaction to Obexion’s secure roller shutters is the unique physical lightness (kgs) of the shutter range. Visitors to the stand have expected the higher security rated shutters to be simply heavier versions of standard roller shutters.

Obexion, however, have approached the higher security shutter from the angle of ‘intelligent’ strength. But what exactly does that mean?

Intelligent high security shutters

secure roller shuttersThe shutters’ unique, intelligent design is made possible by a mix of strong aluminium-composite materials and a unique LockDown self-locking design. The former offers protection against all kinds of tools as well as reducing the structural load. The latter prevents any raising of the shutters by force once they’ve been lowered (even in a half-closed state.)

The second function that’s caught the eye of SCTX visitors is the keyless nature of the shutters. Security isn’t dependent purely on the possession of a key that fits the lock. With our security shutters, there is the option to encrypt the tags which control the operation of the secure roller shutters.

These can be programmed to individual units as well as for specific dates and times, which can be beneficial to many different industries. For retail security shutters, one scenario for use may be giving shop workers access to the store only during opening hours, but supervisors and managers can have access at any time of the week.

For other commercial roller shutters, one scenario for use could be maintenance workers given encrypted tags that only give access on a fixed calendar basis – say on Saturday each week from 10 ’till noon.

SCTX 2016 has been the perfect opportunity for us to network and generate a buzz around our unique range. But if you missed us at the show, and would like to arrange a meeting or consultation with us, just get in touch.

To coincide with the opening of the show, Obexion Shutters have released a guide on “How to assess what security rating I need”. The guide has been created to help organisations determine what Security Rating and what type of high security shutters you need for your premises.

sr shutter rating guide

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