Obexion MD XR Solution – CPNI Approved Shutter for UK Government Use

Charter Global is delighted to announce that the company has been awarded CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approval for the innovative Obexion MD XR product. This status is a major achievement for Charter Global as it means this product is now a UK government approved security shutter. The Obexion MD XR is the most secure, third-party accredited shutter system that Charter Global provides and this approval makes Charter Global one of a very select number of companies with a CPNI approved shutter.

About CPNI

government approved shutter

CPNI are leaders in security advice, providing resource and expert guidance to help protect and keep businesses secure from external threats. As the government authority for protective advice to the UK national infrastructure, CPNI’s central role is to help protect national security. This is achieved by advising on ways to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats. National infrastructure encompasses facilities, systems, sites, information, people, networks and processes necessary for a country to function and upon which daily life depends.

Obexion MD XR and LockDown

Charter Global’s Obexion MD XR shutter is installed with the company’s exclusive LockDown security system. LockDown ensures that the shutter requires no auxiliary locking to maintain the security rating as well as ensuring that the security shutter never gets left in an insecure state.

The CPNI approval of the Obexion MD XR shutter represents a significant product accreditation and is a result the company feel justly proud of. Managing Director, Roger Humphreys said of the approval:

“We’re proud of our achievements in providing innovative and dynamic security solutions in an ever-changing global environment. I hope that this highlights how Charter Global is committed to leading the way in the development and manufacture of commercial security shutters. We are always very open to discussing new requirements with organisations such as the CPNI.”

More information about our CPNI approved shutter

If you’re interested in finding out more about the CPNI approved shutter, access the Obexion Technical Area below:

Obexion Technical Area