Community Case Study Craig Park Youth Centre

security shutters for youth centre

This youth centre in the Enfield, North London, is a flagship hub for the community. The building design was central to the project to create an enthusing nucleus for the area; a large community break-out area was included, with large expanses of frameless glazing to enhance the inviting feel of the building.

Security was important to ensure the community felt confident and safe, and the high value of investment into the building and equipment required the maximum security with no intrusion onto the unique and eye-catching building design.

The Integr8 180C security shutter system was used; incorporating the UltraDUO curtain style to give the maximum possible security, the shutter curtain cannot be forced up when in the lowered position and requires no secondary point of locking. This ensures that the system cannot be left in an insecure state through user negligence. Working closely with the architect during the project, a unique groundbreaking circular shutter side guide was created specifically to eliminate the visual impact of the shutter guides to the expanse of glazing.


Click here for information on the 180C – the bolt on Shutter System for Existing Builds

Technical Drawings

View technical details for the 180C shutter system.

“UltraDUO curtain style to give the maximum possible security…”

youth centre security shutters

security shutters for youth centre

security shutters youth centre