Coastal Security Shutters Project

Coastal Security Shutters – South Coast Project

This coastal security shutters project on the south coast is nearing completion, the roller shutter curtain has just been installed.

The installation of coastal security shutters differs from regular projects. More factors must be taken into account, such as finishing the domestic security shutters in an anti-rust finish. With the corrosive sea air of the coast, an anodized finish was recommended as extra protection to the shutters and the property. The finish is not applied to the surface, like polyester powder coating, but fully integrated with the underlying aluminium shutter curtain and cannot chip or peel. This provides a very durable finish and comes in a number of contemporary metallic finishes. The colour of the external shutters is very important – the lowered shutter solution should complement the design of the rest of the property.

The Equilux shutter lintels and the Equilux combined cavity closer and guide are installed by the contractor on site, with guidance and assistance from the dedicated Project Manager working on the scheme where required.

The Equilux shutter curtain incorporates the unique DUO profile as standard. This ensures maximum security, whilst maintaining the compact nature of the product range, which assists with the integration within the building design. The shutters are installed inside the Equilux lintel, concealed within the wall construction. Equilux installation engineers install ,test and commission the security shutters and leave ready for the final connection to the building management system (BMS) by the project electrical engineer.

The controls for the shutter are included within the property’s advanced BMS allowing complete freedom for controlling the shutters to suit the client requirement. A recommendation with all residential properties, the control solution includes an automatic safety device; stopping and retracting the shutter upon impact when the shutter is closing, and protecting any objects or doors/windows that have been inadvertently left open.

All Equilux projects are offered a Gold level service contract for complete peace of mind long after the construction of the property is complete. The service and maintenance visits are arranged on a bespoke basis to suit the client attendance of the property and the usage of the Equilux Security Shutters. Security, Style and Peace of Mind.

coastal security shutters

Equilux roller shutter lintel prepared for the Equilux shutter installation

coastal security shutters

To maintain the intenal design asthetic, Equilux shutters can be installed within extremley small parameters

coastal security shutters

Equilux Shutter installed, ready for final finishing around the access panel

coastal security shutters

The attractive anodized finish to the CompactDUO shutter curtain

For more information on how Equilux can help install concealed roller shutters to your coastal project, why not take a look at our free guide? Click on the below icon to download your copy. Alternatively, give us a call on: 0845 050 8705.

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